Luis Schröder

Strategic Thinker | M&A Consultant

Who I am

Welcome to my dynamic professional journey! I am a forward-thinking individual with a proven track record in M&A advisory, strategic financial planning, and entrepreneurial endeavors. As a Consultant at Deloitte, I specialize in advising in mergers and acquisitions, conducting meticulous financial due diligences, and shaping influential business plans.

Beyond the job, I’m a tech enthusiast eagerly seeking fresh challenges and engaging conversations. I always try to embody an open-minded approach to life, ready to explore new horizons.

In my downtime, you’ll find me immersed in captivating reads or navigating the intricacies of the stock market. Let’s connect and embark on a journey of innovation and discovery together!

What I do

In December 2022, I successfully earned my Master’s degree in Financial Accounting, Controlling & Taxation from WHZ in Saxony, Germany. During my academic journey, I actively contributed to the finance department and provided strategic insights to the Master program’s director.

My practical experience in finance extends to roles as an intern and working student, where I served as a risk analyst for two major governmental banks. This exposure provided me with a comprehensive debt-side perspective. Currently, I am thriving as an M&A Consultant at Deloitte in Leipzig, Germany, where I am immersed in dynamic and challenging projects.

Adding an entrepreneurial touch to my professional journey, in February 2021, I co-founded a small company, mōmentum, specializing in web development and consulting. This venture reflects my passion for innovation and collaboration with like-minded individuals.

My work experience

During my internship in risk management, I assessed financial institutions, preparing risk-based votums to inform decision-making. Subsequently, as a risk controller in a later internship, I monitored market price and liquidity risks. I also played a pivotal role in supporting the credit risk team through conceptual and technical projects. In my current role, focused on financial due diligence, I provide a critical foundation for transaction decisions

As a student assistant, I delivered lectures covering fundamental finance principles, theory of accounting and auditing, and economics. I contributed to research projects exploring topics such as the impact of goodwill impairment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and the analysis of Hedge-Accounting under IFRS 9 in Germany & Austria during the pandemic.

In collaboration with mōmentum, I honed my skills in website development, primarily using CMS platforms like WordPress and Webflow. Beyond development, I took charge of technical and textual optimization for search engines (SEO), ensuring enhanced visibility and effectiveness.